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Career Day

The Career Day program provides students with a tangible and phenomenal long-lasting experience that connects their academics goals with their professional career goals. The students have the opportunity to develop and build meaningful and personal connections with about 40 professionals who are invited to present that day. This day is very special for the students because they get an exposure to jobs they never knew much about and also to get a better understanding what those jobs really entail. By the time they head to high school students are well informed about a variety of job positions such as: police, firefighters, lawyers, engineers, artists, architects, financial consultants, business leaders, teachers, politicians, radio talk show hosts, doctors, veterinarians and more! More than anything, students walk away from the Career Days more excited about their learning and more aware of how their learning is relevant to their future.

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  • Grading Period Ends

    March 1, 2024

  • 21 Day Challenge Starts

    March 11, 2024

  • ELA Iready Testing Starts

    April 1, 2024

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