Sunrise Middle School bid farewell to its class of 2021 Friday night.

It was a class that focused on social justice and making the world a better place. Sunrise Board Chair Gabriel Clark told the students and parents:

Knowledge used as a weapon to harm, is ignorance!
Knowledge used as a tool to heal, is wisdom.

The education you hold in your hands is a powerful thing, it can be used to raise walls that divide us, or as a tool to build the bridges that unite us.
Be “Makers” not “Takers”!
Be “Builders” not “Breakers”!
Be “Creators” not “Haters”!
Be “Healers” not “Stealers”!
Be “Believers” not “Deceivers”!

Congratulations Class of 2021, Valedictorian Angelica Valdez and Salutatorians Annette Villalobos and Ashley Zalvala!


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